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Three Tips for Maximizing Your Staffing Service Relationship

Life Science companies, specifically hiring managers, are often very busy with important work to dedicate time and resources to finding consultants/contractors. Even if you have time, it can be overwhelming to filter through resumes from job board sites.   A staffing solutions service like Precision Life Sciences can provide critical solutions from Executive searches, Team expansions, and Contract & Permanent staffing.

How do you maximize your relationship with a specialized staffing firm? Here are three tips to give you the best experience.

1. Alignment

Communicate as much detailed information about the scope of the role and project.  This ensures your staffing partner is aligned with you and can identify the best contractors for the specific need.

For example, Precision Life Sciences dedicates time to genuinely understanding and matching the exact requirements with the best talent. Throughout the process, communication is a top priority as we present quality candidates, integrate your feedback, and place contractors with the competencies and experience needed.

Alignment, through communication, is essential to place the best candidate for your requirements.

2. Feedback

The importance of communication throughout the search process and beyond includes candid feedback.  A true staffing partner will be responsive to feedback and needs, particularly if there are challenges that arise. 

At Precision Life Sciences, we remain in close contact with hiring managers and contractors throughout the entire process.  Our goal is to address any concerns along the way to ensure both the client and contractor are in sync.   

3. Trust

Trusting a staffing partner, like Precision Life Sciences, guarantees you’ll benefit from all our services. We only present quality candidates, to ensure that you receive the best candidates with the specialized skill set you need.

Whether you need a contractor or an entire team, Precision Life Sciences can secure qualified life science contractors to build, scale, and efficiently manage staffing shortages. We maintain a database and have a national network of highly skilled contractors through active recruiting and trusted referrals.  Are you ready to get the most out of a professional staffing service? Contact us today to get the conversation started.