Have you hired someone who appeared to have significantly misrepresented themselves in the interview process?  There is a growing trend within the Life Sciences industry – clinical fraud.

We recognize the devastating effects of not having the resources and/or hiring strategies in place is not always feasible.  With our PRE-CHECK authentication process,  we eliminate your risk.   Our proprietary process ensures that the candidates we submit to you have undergone rigorous validation protocols to safeguard against fraudulent imposters – ultimately providing you confidence that has your best interests at the forefront. Our objective is to detect candidate fraudulence long before the submittal process.


At Precision Life Sciences, we understand that drug discovery is a rewarding process with an inherent degree of risk.. Identifying and progressing assets successfully is driven by the talent of your preclinical team.  We understand the absolute significance  of adding a candidate possessing the appropriate skills to your team can have. 

At Precision Life Sciences, we understand that Technical Operations leaders face multiple challenges in various manufacturing settings.  There are many decisions to make that have ripple effects.  Your staffing decisions should not be one of them.  We work with clients to understand the specific obstacles of your organization so we can utilize our expertise to provide a solution so you may reach your milestones.

The clinical challenges our clients face are the foundation for the solutions we provide.  At Precision Life Sciences we have observed the hardships faced including difficult timelines, trial complexity, and cost.  Your staffing needs should not exacerbate those issues.  We work with clients to understand the specific challenges of your organization so we can utilize our expertise to provide a solution so you can focus on driving robust product portfolios through successful clinical trials and major filings.

At Precision Life Sciences, we understand the critical importance of having a strong regulatory and quality team to guide navigate through the current and future challenges that may arise.   We can bring strategic resources to help clients overcome regulatory hurdles while adhering to timelines, staying under budget, and eliminating risk.  Coupling a strong regulatory strategy with the right staffing partner will ensure that clients are well-positioned for success.      

Data science is an emerging trend in driving decisions throughout the Life Sciences industry.  Access to top-quality talent is imperative for meeting the demands of your organization.  At Precision Life Sciences, we can augment your team to align with the evolving needs.  We can bring tailored cohesive solutions across all the data science capabilities.