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3 Benefits to Partnering with a Life Science Staffing Firm

Today’s labor market has created a lot of difficulties for life science companies trying to add talent to their teams.  The challenges range from identifying, reaching, attracting, and negotiating with them to join your company. Each of these challenges, particularly in today’s landscape, requires time to solve.

When you are busy growing your business, time is not something you have in great quantity. Subsequently, the result for most companies is to outsource recruitment efforts. Nevertheless, it’s vital to find a staffing firm that understands the unique and difficult challenges your company faces.

Here are three advantages to partnering with a specialized life science staffing firm that concentrates on the biotechnology industry.

1. Access to Top Talent

The Great Resignation, coupled with the unemployment rate at a historical low, most candidates are passive.  Passive candidates are not actively seeking a new opportunity but can be open to hearing about new opportunities. These candidates are often the ideal applicant for your role, however, because they are passive, they will never apply.  An industry-focused firm can gain access to that top talent.

A staffing agency that specializes in the life sciences industry has relationships, and a database, with an abundant network of possible candidates. In addition, they have expert Recruiters that maintain relationships with these prospects and know their skills and experience.  They can quickly engage with prospective candidates to highlight your opportunities. In addition, skilled Recruiters know where to look and how to find other passive candidates that they don’t speak with regularly.

2. Industry Expertise

The life science industry is vast. While both medical device companies and biopharma companies exist in the life science space, there is a tremendous difference between those two types of companies. Another benefit of partnering with a search firm that works exclusively within life sciences is that their industry expertise makes them keenly aware of the unique challenges your company faces.

Specialized recruiters spend their days speaking with life science business professionals. Through these conversations, they absorb a great deal of industry knowledge. These recruiters know how to speak the language of the life science world and understand the precise career paths within each functional area of the industry.  Their industry expertise enables them to present you with a more robust panel of candidates to fill your needs faster.

3. Specialized Teams

One of the benefits of working with Precision Life Sciences takes specialization to the next level through specialized teams. We understand how different the required skillset is for a qualified Program Manager versus a Compliance Officer. The functions within the life science industry have unique needs, and their searches deserve to be led by recruiting professionals who spend all their time working in their specialty.

Precision Life Sciences has structured the firm into Specialized Teams. The team conducting your search focuses not only on the life science industry but also on the type of position that you are seeking to fill by function:

  • Discovery and Preclinical
  • Technical Operations
  • Clinical Development and Operations
  • Regulatory Affairs, Quality, and Compliance
  • Data Science

Looking for Life Science Talent

Are you looking for life science talent? Precision Life Sciences identifies, recruits, and attracts top talent. By leveraging over 50 years of experience, learn how our approach to life science recruiting can deliver the quality candidates your company needs. We provide scalable solutions to Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device companies through a unique targeted approach. We understand the value the right talent means to your company, and we recognize the negative impact of time and resources on the wrong hire and the challenges of working with a typical Life Sciences placement service.