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Five Reasons to Work with a Life Sciences Recruiter

Life Science recruitment firms can be an asset when job hunting. While many professionals may opt to apply directly to employers, the added value recruiters can bring to clients and candidates is often underrated. Although there are some scenarios where applying directly may be appropriate, in most cases working with a Life Science recruiter will prove more valuable to you in moving through the process.

Life Science recruitment professionals, such as those at Precision Life Sciences, devote themselves to becoming experts in a specific field of Life Sciences recruitment. This allows them to provide candidates with the most pertinent and effective job searching experience, resulting in a successful placement that best suits your desires.

As a candidate looking for Life Sciences positions, there are resources available to you when working with a recruiter. Here are five reasons why:

1.  Industry Knowledge

A recruiter’s primary objective is to know who is hiring and where needs are forthcoming. This can range from start-up biotechnology companies to large pharmaceutical firms.  They have access to roles before they appear on job boards or social media. Recruiters can secure you an interview before the multitudes of candidates start applying.

Life Science recruiters have a strong understanding of the job they are trying to fill, as well as the industry. They have in-depth knowledge of the market and how it changes, specifically in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device verticals. Because they are not restricted to one employer, they can offer a unique and honest perspective.

Understanding the industry as it changes also means that recruiters know if you are being compensated.  Applying directly makes it more difficult to openly discuss salary expectations, as there is no third-party negotiating and advocating on your behalf with the employer.

2.  Specialized Expertise

Life Science recruiters are trained to be experts in the field.  This level of expertise provides a better understanding of how the industry operates and delivers insight into trends. This will guide you to better comprehend what is occurring in your field and help guide you to make certain that your career is headed on the right track.

Having a conversation with a recruiter can uncover opportunities that you may not have realized were relevant to your skillset.

3.  Client Relationships

Recruiters are consistently building networks and relationships with Life Science companies.   Recruiters can help you make these vital connections that will benefit your career development. They have met with the client to understand the role allowing you to fully understand the position, more than just reading a job description. You will be provided with details of the salary range, location, therapeutic area, clinical research phase, and information on the project(s) you could be working on.

During their ongoing communication with the client, recruiters get a feel for the company culture and team dynamics.  This is invaluable information that you can benefit from as your recruiter will match your skillset, experience, and personality with a perfect employer.

4.  Interview Planning

Recruiters have a thorough understanding of what a client is looking for in a candidate. This is an invaluable advantage for interview preparation.  Your recruiter will support you by providing data about the company, including what the role involves.  This planning prepares you to sell yourself by prioritizing your technical skills and what areas you should expand upon. Your recruiter is often well connected with the hiring manager and understands how to position your experience successfully through an interview process.  

5.  Hiring Process

A recruiter will receive open feedback from the client through the process.  This type of communication is not often transparent in a process that is transacted directly between a prospective employee and the hiring manager.  The feedback that follows with each round of the interview process may be valuable in ensuring the next round of interviews is more successful by incorporating this feedback.  Additionally, your recruiter will have a good sense of expectations that can be set for the process specific to that client.  The level of transparency that comes from this relationship reduces the stress involved in a job search by understanding expectations and openly communicating along the way.

Building a relationship with a Life Sciences recruiter can benefit you beyond securing a job. Often, a recruiter will keep in contact with you keeping you updated with industry information and keeping you in mind for future career opportunities. 

In summary, engaging a Life Science recruiter will be beneficial to you.  In a market with a talent shortage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies are continually growing and rely on their relationships with Life Science staffing agencies to source the best talent.

If you are looking for opportunities and want a recruitment expert to help you with your search, consider Precision Life Sciences.  With more than 50 years of leveraged staffing experience, Precision Life Sciences is better equipped to help you with your career objectives.  You will be supported by recruiting experts who specialize in your field and will have access to our robust network of clients.