Arthur Serer – Scientist Turned Recruiter

Arthur Serer

Preclinical Specialist

Celebrating One Year at Precision Life Sciences

Scientist turned recruiter dedicated to accelerating the pipelines of biopharmaceutical companies by providing preclinical resources.


As a researcher turned staffing consultant, Arthur has been with Precision Life Sciences for the past year expanding the firm’s domain expertise to pre-clinical and bioanalytical roles. He works with pre-clinical to commercial stage companies in leveraging his experience and familiarity with the industry, from a foundation in cell and molecular biology, to expertise with associated assays/equipment, and to a comfort level in discussing disease areas/clinical disciplines ranging from NASH to immunotherapy.


“It’s been a joy working for Precision for this last year. It’s been a great opportunity to aggressively develop as a better recruiter with mentorship more intentional than any of my previous employers, while also seeing an intentional effort to recruit colleagues with experience relevant to the space as they recruit, including another biomedical scientist turned recruiter from whom I’m still learning daily. I look forward to growing as Precision does and continuing to hone my skills here!” – Arthur


Arthur specializes in connecting talented individuals in pre-clinical R&D, as well as large molecule analytical development, process science, and formulation spaces with innovative companies driving the biomedical industry forward. As a full desk recruiter, he is responsible for initial candidate sourcing, the management of in-pipeline candidates, to serving as a mediator in bridging candidate salary expectations with market-appropriate offers by clients. 


Arthur has performed biomedical research on therapeutic areas as diverse as bacterial growth inhibition, NASH diagnostics development, and glioblastoma. His experience exposed him to biochemical, analytical, and cell-based techniques which prepared him for a career in biomedical recruiting with intimate and diverse subject matter knowledge. 


He received his Master of Science (M.S.) in Molecular Biology at New York University (NYU) and his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology from Brandeis University

For his research thesis, he used site-directed mutagenesis to generate a mutant variant of endolysin CPL-1. In brief, those enzymes displayed antibacterial properties and had been demonstrated to have in-vivo efficacy. He sought to investigate the structural impacts of those mutations on the protein as a whole. Preliminary results, in conjunction with in silico modeling, lead him to believe mutations in the linker region had protein-wide structural ramifications. Chimeric endolysins should therefore be designed with that region in mind.


While he was working in the Chai lab, his primary projects were related to small molecule drug screens. He worked to optimize two cell-based assays in support of that screen. The first is a Gal4-UAS genetic reporter system. He shifted his focus to a more direct protein-protein assay, Promega’s NanoBRET. In conjunction with a collaborating group, he generated a series of vectors with proteins of interest cloned in. He was then working toward validating and optimizing the assay to assure that it can confirm disruption of our proteins of interest, which a successful drug candidate must do.


As a research associate in Pharmacology, his primary role was to harvest animal tissues for downstream extraction of total DNA. qPCR was then utilized to quantify Herpes Simplex I, an engineered form of which was the company’s therapeutic drug candidate. Various tissues were profiled to determine the bioavailability of the virus. Additionally, he determined the permissivity of various immortalized and primary human cell lines to various HSV1 strains virus serial dilution plaque titration.


Arthur’s extensive knowledge of the science industry enables him to have a deep understanding of the needs of both the clients and candidates of Precision Life Sciences.  He is the perfect partner for life science companies that are seeking scientific recruitment services. Arthur leverages his passion for the life sciences industry by fulfilling talent acquisition roles in the bioanalytical/analytical, discovery, and process development spaces, from the Associate Scientist to Director level.  If you need to fill a scientific or preclinical role, Arthur is one of the most knowledgeable recruiters in the life science industry.  We are lucky to have him on our team!


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